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Closed Shoulder Surgery (Shoulder Arthroscopy)

Especially in chronic arm and shoulder pain, closed shoulder surgery, that is shoulder arthroscopy, is of great importance.

What is Shoulder Arthroscopy?

It is an endoscopic (arthroscopic) examination of the shoulder joint. Intra-articular (glenohumeral joint) -Subacromial joint can be examined with shoulder arthroscopy. Gleno cartilage structures, joint relation, conditions that disrupt the integrity of the glenoid (SLAP - Superior Labral Anterior-Posterior), Bankart Lesion (Labrum anterior-inferior insufficiency-with / without capsule), Biceps tendon, rotator cuff tears, ligament injuries, capsule insufficiencies are detected. .

Impingement in the subacromial joint and rotator cuff tears can be detected. Rotator sheath repairs can be done.

In Which Situations Is Shoulder Arthroscopy Preferred?

Shoulder arthroscopy is the gold standard for understanding and treating problems related to injuries or degeneration of the shoulder joint and subacromial joint.

It is used for simultaneous repair during endoscopic imaging.

How Long Does Off Shoulder Surgery Take?

30-45 minutes optimal time, but the time may be longer depending on the technique while repairing.

Before Off Shoulder Surgery?

All preparations are made in hospital conditions

What is the Recovery Process After the Surgery?

If the attempt required repair, detection may be required. Generally, although strong suture materials are used to give early motion, the resting period may vary depending on the severity of the injury.

Will It Repeat After Surgery?

Re-rupture of the repaired tissue may always occur. This situation is only possible with a new trauma that causes injury and pushes the limits. Daily activities rarely cause recurrence after recovery.

How Much is the Surgery Fee?

Pricing is made according to the hospital class determined according to the patient's budget.

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