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Lumbar Shift Surgery

Before the details of Lumbar Shift Surgery, let's give brief information about Lumbar Shift and its symptoms that cause back pain that is difficult to bear.

What is a Lumbar Slip?

It is the distortion of the alignment of the vertebrae that make up the spine, and it is the displacement forward and rarely back. This condition, which is called spondylolisthesis, is frequently used in communication with patients in folk language, also in cases of herniated disc.

What are the Symptoms of Lumbar Shift?

As a result of a slipped waist, the hole where the nerves to the legs come out, the hole we call Foramen becomes narrow and the nerve is under pressure, the area where it receives sensation becomes numb, numb, in advanced situations the muscle group it stimulates weakens or even paralysis.

How Is A Lumbar Slip Diagnosed?

Back and leg pain, numbness, loss of strength, loss of sensation during examination, loss of reflex, and loss of muscle strength are sufficient to determine the level of slippage. Nowadays, although examination seems to have lost its importance as it is easily understood by MRI imaging, examination is essential in order to understand which one causes the complaint in multi-level hernias.

What Is The Treatment Process For Lumbar Displacement?

In cases where there is no severe loss of nerve function, drug therapy, rest and physiotherapy provide over 80 percent improvement. However, recurrent pains that require bed rest and severe / sudden nerve damage may require urgent surgery.

At Which Stage Is Lumbar Slip Surgery Required?

Pain affecting daily life, attacks that require bed rest several times a year, severe nerve damage and loss of function require surgery.

What Are The Lumbar Shift Surgery Options - How Is It Done - How Long Does It Take?

Nowadays, closed endoscopic surgeries are becoming the first choice, microscopic surgery is common. Open surgery is almost abandoned. In cases where bone removal is required after open surgery, fixing it with a screw may prolong the resting period and return to work. In minimally invasive endocopic transforaminal surgery, there is no need for fixation in the region.

What is the Recovery Process After Lumbar Slip Surgery?

Movement is given within 2 hours after closed endoscopic surgery. In other surgical methods, the time to allow movement may be longer, corset or bed rest period may be required.

Will It Recur Again After Surgery?

The likelihood of recurrence after surgery is often related to the patient's wrong movement habits. As long as postoperative recommendations are followed, the recurrence rate is less than 2%.

How Much Does Waist Shift Surgery Cost?

Fees are determined according to the preferred hospital type and class. Treatment options suitable for each patient's budget are necessarily provided.

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