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Shoulder Dislocation Surgery – What is Shoulder Dislocation?

Dislocations are very common in the shoulder joint, which is the most mobile joint in our body. What is Shoulder Dislocation? How is Shoulder Dislocation Surgery and Treatment Performed? You can find out all about Shoulder Dislocation in this article.

What is Shoulder Dislocation?

It is when the shoulder joint comes out of its socket. In reality, the shoulder joint does not have a seat. Instead of a slot covering the sphericity of the shoulder head, the labrum lip of approximately 1 mm, which acts as a suction cup on a flat structure that we call the gleonoid, and the capsule, ligament and muscles covering it, can keep the shoulder joint in place.

This allows the shoulder to rotate nearly 360 degrees, allowing it to function as the most mobile joint of our body.

In Which Situations Is Arthroscopy Preferred For Shoulder Dislocation?

Treatment of shoulder dislocation is immediate placement in the first 6 hours and fixation with a bandage. Detection should not be less than 6 weeks. Although this period of recurrent shoulder dislocation is reduced to 3 weeks, 6 weeks is recommended as a safer period in our clinic.

The diagnosis of "habitual dislocation" (Habituel) is made in people who have shoulder prolapse more than three times. The ligament and labrum structures of the shoulder should be repaired in the habitual shoulder dislocation and primary (first) shoulder dislocation with tears in the anterior region of the labrum.

Arthroscopic shoulder dislocation repair is the gold standard. Today, open surgery is very rare and cannot be performed.

How is Shoulder Dislocation Arthroscopy Performed?

It is like standard shoulder arthroscopy. If the width of the labyrinth tear is large, an additional portal can be opened.

Stitches placed in the labraum are repaired and shoulder stability is checked. If necessary, the capsule can be intervened in the same session.

How Long Does Shoulder Dislocation Arthroscopy Take?

The optimal time varies between 30-60 minutes.

What Should the Patient Do Before Shoulder Dislocation Arthroscopy?

Preparation for shoulder arthroscopy is done in the hospital.

What is the Recovery Process After the Surgery?

After arthroscopic shoulder dislocation surgery, rehabilitation and movement are started immediately. First of all, after pandular movements, joint range of motion is actively provided.

After 3 weeks, passive, active resistive exercises can be started in the presence of a physiotherapist. The rehabilitation period may vary depending on the patient's location and profession.

Will It Repeat After Surgery?

It is not expected to reappear in sedentary life. It is possible for the shoulder to dislocate after a new trauma that pushes the shoulder limits, but in daily life, it is not seen as a spontaneous or habitual dislocation.

How Much is the Surgery Fee?

It is determined according to the options suitable for the hospital and the patient's budget.

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