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Shoulder Rotator Muscle Tear Treatment – What is Shoulder Rotator Muscle Tear?

Before giving information about Shoulder Rotator Muscle Tear Treatment, let's answer the question "What is a Rotator Muscle Tear".

What is a Shoulder Rotator Tear?

It is a tear of the rotator muscles of the shoulder. The outer rotator muscle group is mostly torn. While it occurs due to eccentric strain in athletes, even housewives who have never done sports, the tear can progress after shoulder impingement syndrome.

In fact, the main factor that causes the impingement syndrome is the inflammatory reaction that develops as a result of the failure to repair the muscle tear in a timely manner.

How is Shoulder Rotator Tear Treatment Performed?

Arthroscopic surgery is the gold standard. Most muscle tears are removed by arthroscopy, which is a closed surgery. Arthroscopy is preferred even in full-thickness complete tears with large muscle defects or excessive muscle retraction, rarely when grafting is required, semi-open surgery may be required.

In Which Situations Is Arthroscopy Preferred?

Surgical repair is required in cases of shoulder pain, limitation of movement, loss of function and strength.

How is Shoulder Rotator Tear Arthroscopy Performed?

It is standard shoulder arthroscopy. In tears that occur after shoulder compression, the sharp bone ends that cause muscle tears, which we call acromioplasty, are firstly leveled. Subsequently, the tear is refreshed and the rupture area is reattached to the bone and the suture is completed.

Midline intramuscular tears are closed with special stitches. If a patch needs to be placed in large muscle defects, rarely, the skin can be opened to place the patch (semi-open technique-mini open).

How Long Does Arthroscopy Take?

30-60 minutes. takes. The arthroscopy time may vary depending on the technique and the size of the tear

What Should the Patient Do Before Arthroscopy?

Apart from the preoperative preparation, information is given directly.

What is the Recovery Process After the Surgery?

Shoulder fixation is applied to protect the stitches in muscle repairs. Active movements are not allowed for 3-6 weeks. Passive assisted shoulder exercises, which we call pillow exercises, are started immediately in order to prevent the joint from freezing. According to the resistance of the sutures, pendular exercise is started after surgery according to the surgeon's decision.

Physical therapy is extremely important. As of the sixth week, fixation can be terminated with intensive exercises and return to daily life. The return to sports for professional athletes is in the 3rd month, it can be extended to the 6th month with special training.

Will It Repeat After Surgery?

Degenerative tears can rarely recur without trauma after a good healing. This is very difficult, except in the case of a person with muscle and nutritional weaknesses. Traumatic muscle tears can rarely cause problems in the same place after a good repair and healing process.

With the new trauma, injuries may occur in all kinds of limit strain. This condition usually has nothing to do with treatment.

How Much is the Surgery Fee?

The surgery fee is arranged according to the patient's budget.

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