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Trauma and the Skeletal System

Although the concept of trauma is defined as a physical injury that changes the body, it is known to have complex biochemical consequences (see: endocrine response to trauma) in a living organism. The skeletal system provides the first defense in

Fracture and Dislocation Treatments

A fracture is when a bone is injured by overload or high-energy impacts and loses its integrity. Great forces are required to break the bone except for reasons such as diseases that reduce its strength (Osteoporosis, Osteogenesis imperfecta, cancers and

Wrist Problems (Carpal Instability Frequency)

The frequency of carpal instability after distal radius fractures The functional results of 34 wrists of 33 patients who were treated conservatively at the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Gazi University between 1994-97 were evaluated according to the Brujin

Multidisciplinary Treatment for Low Back Pain

Multidisciplinary Approach and Treatment in Low Back Pain - Physiotheraphy - Neurology Physiotherapy - Algology Spinal surgery It is possible with the cooperation of physicians working in their branches. Progressive (algorithmic) treatment principles require anti-inflammatory therapy in primary care and

Closed Lumbar Hernia Surgery

Closed lumbar hernia surgery is performed by piercing the skin without opening the skin. The spinal cord is reached through the natural hole we call the foramen by using normal anatomical pathways and the intervals between the muscles. A nerve

How Can I Maintain My Joint Health?

Our joints get stronger and stronger as we move. A balanced diet rich in protein and regular exercises are beneficial. Excessive weight gain should be avoided. On the joint, it can be caused by sprains, reverse loading and weakness of

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