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Shoulder Impingement

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Shoulder Arthroscopy

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Before giving information about Shoulder Arthroscopy, let's get to know SHOULDER: It is the largest and most mobile joint of our body after the shoulder, hip and knee. Although it does not bear the weight of our body, the joints

Cellular renewal to knee cartilage Cartilage transplant

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Cell therapy is becoming increasingly common in the treatment of knee cartilage problems. Cellular treatments are applied to tissues that do not have the ability to regenerate themselves. The cartilage cell is one of them. Cartilage cannot compensate for tissue

Knee Problems

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Most frequent referrals from tumor, infection and non-traumatic problems in the knee region 1. Meniscus tears 2. Cruciate ligament injury 3. Cartilage lesions (chondromalacia, joint mouse) 4. Plika syndrome Knee arthroscopy offers the opportunity to intervene in all of these

101st Tssula Conference 2019

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101. Tssula Konferansı 2019 History: 04-07 July 2019 Place: Raipur, Hindistan Website: http://tssula.com/ MISSION SPINE FOUNDATION FACULTY Dr Satishchandra Gore Dr Shirazahmed Munshi Dr Bhupesh Patel Dr S N Madhariya Dr S Palanikumar Dr Sunil Nadkarni Dr Anand Kavi Dr

Recessive Drug Treatment

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Recessive drug therapy in orthopedic surgery is a very important component that complements the treatment during recovery.   We can divide Recessive Drug Treatments into five. 1. Anti-inflammatory Treatment Surgical incisions or skeletal injuries heal with the tissue reaction we

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