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Closed Shoulder Surgery (Shoulder Arthroscopy)

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Especially in chronic arm and shoulder pain, closed shoulder surgery, that is shoulder arthroscopy, is of great importance. What is Shoulder Arthroscopy? It is an endoscopic (arthroscopic) examination of the shoulder joint. Intra-articular (glenohumeral joint) -Subacromial joint can be examined

Is Waist and Back Pain Normal During Pregnancy?

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Back Pain During Pregnancy - Back Pain During Pregnancy: Fertility, beyond being a reproductive function, includes sacred motherhood; It is a very difficult process where temporary but serious hormonal and emotional peaks are experienced. The expressions on the mother's face

Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery

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Before giving information about Wrist Arthroscopy Treatment, let's answer the question "What is Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery". It is an endoscopic examination of the wrist. Intra-articular ligament structures are the gold standard for imaging problems such as Triangular cartilage, which are

Fracture and Dislocation Treatments

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A fracture is when a bone is injured by overload or high-energy impacts and loses its integrity. Great forces are required to break the bone except for reasons such as diseases that reduce its strength (Osteoporosis, Osteogenesis imperfecta, cancers and

Ankle impingement syndrome

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ONE TIME IN EVERY HUMAN LIFE CAN EXPERIENCE Regardless of the type of injury, cartilage and joint problems can be recovered in a short time without leaving a scar. Sprains can cause injuries at different stages from stretching of the

Meniscus Surgery

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Meniscus tears are detected by examination, and the treatment is meniscus surgery. What is Meniscus Surgery? The meniscus is a fibrous cartilage-like structure found in the knee joint structure. Its task is to ensure the harmony of the joint surfaces

Will There Be A Stem Cell From Fat Cell?

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What is Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)? He knows that the cells obtained after liposuction (lipoaspirate), which is popularly known as a stem cell source, have rejuvenating (regenerative) properties. A cellular product SVF obtained by the isolation of these cells does

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