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What is Epiduroscopy?

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What is Epiduroscopy? Epiduroscopy is the endoscopic visualization of epidural structures. Epiduroscopy, which can be applied under local anesthesia, is among the interventional surgical methods. Prophylactic antibiotics should be administered in sterile operating room conditions. Epiduroscopy provides imaging of the

Alas I Have a Hernia I Can’t Do Sports!

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I have a hernia. Can I exercise? According to the data of the World Health Organization, one out of every 4 people has to have bed rest until the age of thirties at least once in their life due to


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TAIL SUMMING (KOKSIDINIA), The biggest problem of patients with pain in this area is not being able to sit. Most describe a seated fall story and believe or be made to believe that the deformities in the X-ray films are

Shoulder Arthroscopy

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Before giving information about Shoulder Arthroscopy, let's get to know SHOULDER: It is the largest and most mobile joint of our body after the shoulder, hip and knee. Although it does not bear the weight of our body, the joints

1st World Spine Endoscopy Congress

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1st World Spine Endoscopy Congress Date: 12-14 July 2019 Venue: Hyderabad, India - Radisson Blu Plaza Websitesi: http://spineendoscopy.org/ Congress Directors Dr. Sukumar Sura (Hyderabad, INDIA) Dr. Mahesha Kanthila (Mangalore, INDIA) Scientific Advisor Dr. Said G. Osman, MD (Maryland, USA) Program

What is Hip (Prosthetic) Arthroplasty?

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What is Hip Replacement? / What is Hip Arthroplasty? - Arthroplasty / Joint prosthesis means the renewal-replacement of the joint surface by using metal or similar materials. It is performed when the cartilage on the joint surface is completely eroded

Cellular Therapy in Orthopedics

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kiss. Dr. Tolgay Responds to Şatana? What is Cellular Therapy? In the field of orthopedics, cellular therapy is widely used in general. The concept of cellular therapy is a broad concept. however, the use of cells prepared under laboratory conditions

Common Elbow Problems

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1. Dull elbow 2. Tennis and Golfer's Elbow (epicondylitis) 3.Cartilage lesions (synovial chondromalasias) Elbow arthroscopy provides the opportunity to intervene in all these problems without the need for open surgery.

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