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Cellular renewal to knee cartilage Cartilage transplant

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Cell therapy is becoming increasingly common in the treatment of knee cartilage problems. Cellular treatments are applied to tissues that do not have the ability to regenerate themselves. The cartilage cell is one of them. Cartilage cannot compensate for tissue

Shoulder Impingement Treatment – Impingement Syndrome Treatment

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Before giving information about Shoulder Impingement Treatment, let's answer the question "What is Shoulder Impingement". Impingement-impingement syndrome is a condition that results from the narrowing of the acromioclavicular bone-ligament complex, which surrounds the joint where the shoulder rotator muscle group

Wrist Triangular Complex Problems and Arthroscopic Treatment

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Before giving information about wrist triangular complex problems and arthroscopic treatment, let's briefly talk about the wrist. Our wrist consists of a complex structure connected to each other like eight beads to which the two bones of the forearm (Radius

Ankle Arthroscopy

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Ankle arthroscopy is of great importance especially in chronic foot and ankle pain. What is Ankle Arthroscopy? It is to reveal the problems by imaging the ankle joint with an endoscopic camera (arthroscope) (diagnostic arthroscopy) and the application of simultaneous

Cellular Regeneration Therapies

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In pursuit of immortality, Gilgamesh is that the brutal real death he encounters in search of the herb of immortality cannot be stopped. Humanity, which has been pursuing immortality like Gilgamesh for thousands of years, is still in pursuit of

The frequency of carpal instability after distal radius fractures

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The frequency of carpal instability after radius distal tip fractures, Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, which hosted live surgery courses in Istanbul in the past years and supported the ISMISS congress, this tradition OMID "Spine Minimal Invasive and Interventional

Closed Shoulder Surgery (Shoulder Arthroscopy)

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Especially in chronic arm and shoulder pain, closed shoulder surgery, that is shoulder arthroscopy, is of great importance. What is Shoulder Arthroscopy? It is an endoscopic (arthroscopic) examination of the shoulder joint. Intra-articular (glenohumeral joint) -Subacromial joint can be examined

Shoulder Arthroscopy

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Before giving information about Shoulder Arthroscopy, let's get to know SHOULDER: It is the largest and most mobile joint of our body after the shoulder, hip and knee. Although it does not bear the weight of our body, the joints

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