Our Main services are;To make diagnosis, problem orriented treatment and follow up our patients without compromising the principles of good practice



Physical examination is essential. Your complaint in the application is investigated with the most necessary tests for diagnosis after the examination. Afterwards, a definite diagnosis is reached by using the necessary basic and advanced tests.

All kinds of radiological and biochemical tests are applied. After the examination, your treatment is arranged. In our clinic, your health information is collected and archived and stored on your behalf within the framework of the principle of protection and confidentiality of personal information.


Surgical operations are performed in A and B class hospitals in the operating room environment.

After diagnosis, problem-focused endoscopic and minimally invasive methods are tried to be selected. Most of the time, the treatment method chosen for you to regain your health does not consist of a single option.

If the correct timing is not given for endoscopic surgeries, open surgical methods may be preferred.

Avoiding surgery can disrupt your treatment and cause your disease to progress. The treatment of advanced diseases becomes increasingly complex and the time to return to daily life is prolonged.


A painful joint or spine can be the source of unhappy life and the “anxiety” of today’s society. Prolonged pain is our body’s ability to repair
It is the harbinger of the discomfort on it.

Surgical treatment resolves problems that cannot be healed spontaneously and repairs injuries.

After the treatment, the recovery process of the patients is done regularly and periodically, weekly, monthly and annually after the first 24 hours.

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