“The smile of satisfaction that reflects upon our patients’ faces is the prize for our success. FIRST DO NO HARM.” Hippocrates.


Physical examination is fundamental. The complaint in your application is researched using the most necessary tests aimed towards diagnosis after the examination. Afterwards, using necessary basic and advanced tests, we reach certain diagnosis.

All types of radiological and biochemical tests are utilized. After tests, your treatment is planned. Your health information is collected and archived at our clinic under your name under strict adherence to patient confidentiality.


Surgical operations are done in surgical environments and operation rooms at A and B class hospitals.

After the diagnosis, we try to choose endoscopic and minimally invasive methods that focus on the problem. The treatment method for your recovery often does not involve a single option.

If the window of opportunity for endoscopic surgery has passed, open surgical methods become viable.

Avoiding surgery may cause hindrance for your treatment and cause your problems to advance. Advanced injuries become progressively more complex to treat and the time to return to normal life increases.


A painful joint or spine might be the source of anxiety, a common ailment in today’s society. Prolongued pain is a herald of issues with our bodies’ ability to heal itself.

Surgical treatments fix the issues that are unable to be fixed by themselves, mends injuries.

After the treatment and the following 24 hour period, the monitoring of our healing patients is done first weekly, then monthly and annually, regularly.

In-Hospital Treatment and Monitoring

We conduct our surgical treatments with various hospitals with which we have agreements. Please consult us first for monitoring outside our treatment packages or completion of treatments started by other physicians.

At Home Diagnosis and Treatment

We provide on demand at home diagnosis and treatment services for our patients with limited mobility. Basic diagnostic methods including certain radiological tests are able to be done in bed. Remote monitoring devices may be provided if necessary.

In-Office Diagnosis and Treatment

All of our outpatient treatment methods are done in completely hygienic environments. In addition to being located next to many advanced testing facilities, we’re also very close to large shopping centers. We also provide on demand home-office-airport transfer by private vehicle services.

Remote Diagnosis and Consultancy

If you’re abroad or aren’t located in Istanbul, we can evaluate your injury using video and audio communication methods and save time. We can provide consultancy services to your physician in the country you inhabit in order to direct your treatment.

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