Before giving information about Shoulder Impingement Treatment, let’s answer the question “What is Shoulder Impingement”.

Impingement-impingement syndrome is a condition that results from the narrowing of the acromioclavicular bone-ligament complex, which surrounds the joint where the shoulder rotator muscle group and the burs are located, and the space between the muscle (subacromial space).

Previous innocent shoulder traumas, recurrent shoulder dislocations, subacromial space in people working on their head; The bursa thickening is narrowed by osteophyte protrusions in the bones, it is known that the inflammation (inflammation) that develops with the injuries of the muscle structures in this space improves compression with the healing tissue over the years.

Omuz Sıkışması Tedavisi - İmpingement Sendromu Tedavisi

How to Treat Shoulder Compression?

In shoulder compression, the bony protrusions under the acromion that narrow the subacromial space are cleaned and leveled (acromioplasty), the simultaneous thickening muscle-bone cushion is removed (bursectomy), if any, muscle tears are repaired (rotator cuff repair).

Drugs such as cortisone should not be administered after or before these procedures.

In Which Situations Is Arthroscopy Preferred for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Arroscopic decompression is the gold standard in shoulder compression. Rarely, an open surgery option may be considered.

Arthroscopic treatments are at the forefront in modern orthopedic surgery.

How Is Shoulder Impingement Arthroscopy Performed?

In addition to standard shoulder arthroscopy entry holes, a new subacromial portal is used.

After bursectomy, the bone is leveled and muscle tears are checked. It is standard to control joint structures by entering the joint together.

How Long Does Arthroscopy Surgery Take?

It takes 30-60 minutes.

What is the Recovery Process After the Surgery?

Action begins immediately. If there is a rotator muscle tear, a rotator muscle tear protocol is applied.

Will It Repeat After Surgery?

It is not possible, as its recurrence may occur with inflammation that has occurred over decades.

How Much is the Surgery Fee?

It is arranged according to the patient’s budget.

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