Interventional Treatment

Interventional Treatment

The aim of interventional treatment is to stop this process of the nerves that transmit pain with various techniques.

Interventional Treatment can be performed in the practice or in operating room conditions in cases where anesthesia is required.

1. Correction of fractures and placement of dislocations

It can mostly be done in the practice setting. Although it is a painful procedure, it is advantageous to perform the procedure awake, since the pain disappears with the complete localization of the fracture or dislocation.

It can be done by being put to sleep in the operating room for low pain endurance or mental reasons. After the correction, plaster or splint fixations are applied.

2. Joint Injections

No fluoroscopy is required, except for the hip joint. However, in certain cases, it may be necessary to reach the target area under ultrasound and fluoroscopy. Apart from this, joint injections can be done in the office under sterile conditions.

3. Spine Injections

Since it requires scopy, it can be applied in an intervention room with scopy or in an operating room where sterile conditions are provided. Spine Problems.

a. discography
b. Foramen injections
c. Facet denervations can be applied.

4. Mesotherapy

It is a subcutaneous drug application technique that we use to break the vicious cycle of pain in the musculoskeletal system. We apply it in post-operative or non-surgical treatments for the solution of spine and joint pain.

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