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  • Tolgay Şatana

Assessment of the Incidence of Carpal Instability and Morbidity in Distal Radius Fractures

CPQ Orthopaedics - 22 June 2022

Distal radius fractures concomitant with carpal instability have been studied and treatment options have been suggested by several authors in previous and recent years. Widespread use of motor vehicles, regular exercise habits and increased interest in alternative sports have increased the risk of trauma and thus the incidence of fracture. Given the fact that 47% of the limb fractures occur in upper limbs while 22% of upper limb fractures occur in the distal radius [1] radius distal, the extent of labor loss and national wealth can be understood. Failure to treat these fractures in the right way will result in additional morbidity while concomitant soft tissue pathologies will further increase morbidity [2,3]. While the incidence of carpal instability concomitant with distal radius fractures was formerly around 7% [4-7], it was then demonstrated to rise up to 36% according to the multi-centre studies using arthroscopy [4,5,7-13].

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