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Tolgay Şatana - Geleneksel Cerrahi Tedaviler

Traditional Surgical Treatments

Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics focuses on the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and even skin. Although innovative treatment methods are very advanced according to the situation, traditional surgeries are sometimes preferred according to the patient condition.



Bones are the hardest tissues in your body, but if they are put under too much pressure or force, they can break or break apart. The most common causes of fractures are injuries, prolonged stress from overuse, and diseases that weaken bone, such as osteoporosis or tumors.​

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Eklem ağrısı


The joint moves with the sliding cartilage surfaces. Injury on these surfaces, factors that disrupt the surface also disrupt the opposite side throughout the movement. Over time, both surfaces begin to erode each other. In a small spot, a groove the diameter of the injury appears, the articular cartilage quickly disappears. If your joints have passed the point of no return, joint surgery may be an option. 

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Tolgay Şatana - Onkolojik Cerrahi


The Department of Orthopedic Oncology provides specialist care to children and adults diagnosed with tumors and tumor-like conditions of bone and soft tissue, including bone metastases, sarcomas, benign and cancerous tumors of bone or soft tissue, and pathological fractures.

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Tolgay Şatana - Omurga Sorunları


Traditional spine surgery is also called open spine surgery. During surgery, the surgeon makes a large incision (usually about 15 cm long) in the back. In a process called stretching, it breaks the spinal cord muscles apart to move them away from the bone. After making the bones of the spine visible, the necessary spinal process begins.

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Hand surgeons are orthopedic, plastic or general surgeons who dedicate a significant part of their practice to the treatment of the hand and upper extremity. Many hand surgeons treat conditions of the fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, and elbows. 

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Surgical methods are used to relieve various foot and ankle ailments, from tendon tears to severe arthritis. Typically, foot and ankle surgery is only considered after nonsurgical treatments have been tried without desired results. However, some conditions, especially acute injuries such as ankle fractures, may require emergency surgery.

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