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Tolgay Şatana - Çocuk Pediatrik Ortopedi Problemleri

Child (Pediatric) Orthopedic Problems

A pediatric orthopedist is the best trained and most experienced physician to appropriately assess and treat musculoskeletal (bone, joint or muscle) problems in a growing child. This includes newborn babies through teens.

My Approach

A pediatric orthopedic surgeon usually has extensive experience in casting and bracing. Many fractures in children can be treated without surgery. Other conditions such as hip dysplasia or clubfoot can also be treated with a cast and brace instead of surgery.

When surgery is required, a pediatric surgeon has specialized training in implants and techniques specific to the growing body, such as limb length discrepancies or directed growth for deformity.

Treatment planning for pediatric patients takes into account the family's situation as well as the child's medical needs. Support services may be available to help families navigate their child's care. 

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