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Hallux Valgus - Bone Protrusion on the Big Toe

Enemy of the Feet in Summer Vacation


Finger protrusion increases Hallux Valgus. Yes, it looks aesthetically pleasing! What should we pay attention to, there must be arch reinforcement in the flip-flops, if possible, the types that prevent the foot from going forward should be preferred with the comb bone band.

In foot anatomy, the internal muscles that support the arch adhere to the ossicles called sesamoid between the joint beam and the toe. Flip-flops and shoes are mostly designed flat and without arc reinforcement.

Hallux Valgus

As the load on the inner muscles of the foot increases, the sesamoid slides outward with the additional load between the toes, while the thumb comb bone inward somersaults (pronation), and the thumb joint adapts to this turn by sliding outward.

As the comb bone turns inside, the joint relationship is disrupted with the outward sliding of the joint, a protrusion (bunion) occurs on the inner side, and the joint wears out over time and the deformity becomes permanent.

Avoid such slippers that make up all components of Hallux Valgus (valgus-bunion-pronation) ...

Stay healthy.

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