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“Major services; to diagnose our patients without compromising the principles of good medicine, to cure ve is to follow.”



Physical examination is essential. Your complaint in the application is investigated with the most necessary tests for the diagnosis after the examination. Afterwards, the definitive diagnosis is reached by using the necessary basic and advanced examinations.

All kinds of radiological and biochemical tests are applied. Your treatment will be arranged after the examination. In our clinic, your health information is collected and archived and stored on your behalf within the framework of the protection and confidentiality of personal information.



Surgical operations are performed in A and B class hospitals in the operating room environment.

After diagnosis, problem-oriented endoscopic and minimally invasive methods are tried to be selected. The treatment method chosen to regain your health often does not consist of a single option.

If the correct timing is not made for endoscopic surgeries, open surgical methods may be preferred.

Avoiding surgery may lead to disruption of your treatment and progression of your disease. The treatment of advanced diseases becomes more complex and the time to return to daily life is prolonged.

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A painful joint or spine can be a source of "anxiety", the disease of unhappy life and today's society. Prolonged pain is the harbinger of disturbances above our body's ability to repair.

Surgical treatment fixes problems that cannot be healed on their own, and repairs injuries.

After the first 24 hours, after the treatment, the recovery process of the patients is done regularly and periodically on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

My Approach

Other services

Treatment and Follow-up in the Hospital

We perform our surgical treatments in hospitals of various classes that we have contracted with. Please consult us to undertake follow-up or treatments that have not been completed by other physicians outside of our treatment package.

Diagnosis and Treatment in the Office

In our office, all of the outpatient treatment methods are applied in hygienic environments. In addition to being adjacent to advanced study centers, we are also right next to large shopping centers. We have home / office / airport transfer service by private vehicle according to your request.

Home Diagnosis and Treatment

If requested, we offer home diagnosis and treatment services to our patients with limited mobility. Simple diagnostic methods, including radiological examination, can be applied in the bed. If necessary, remote monitoring and tracking devices can be provided.

Remote Diagnosis and Consulting

In cases where you are out of the city or cannot come to our practice, please fill out the appointment form to consult and get information about your or your relatives' health problems.

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