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How to Provide First Aid in Motorcycle Accidents?

Unfortunately, the biggest danger that awaits motorcycle riders is to be invisible after a fall and to be subjected to a new crash. In this case, we must immediately stop at a safe distance and act as a shield in an accident that occurs right in front of us. As one of the three drivers who showed the same sensitivity in an accident right in front of me at the E5 Zincirlikuyu junction, I will describe the next stages of the scenario.

Austrian Motorcycle Council first aid adds 3T in crashes ahead of ABCD rule;

Danger, Contact, Tracking.

• Danger! Is the casualty safe? Use your vehicle and markers to create a safe space.

• Contact! Try to communicate with the victim by voice and touch.

• Call the ambulance for the transfer! First of all, calm down and call the emergency number 112 immediately ... Even if you are a physician like me, it may be much more important to transfer the patient to the hospital urgently outside the equipment during the intervention.

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