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  • Tolgay Şatana

Let's Dance "Tango"

Benefits of Tango to the body; As the importance of movement and walking gradually increased in our lives, gait disturbances began to be noticed and related injuries started to increase rapidly.

In people who do not walk regularly or who perform walking in short distances in their lives, body axis control becomes difficult when the correct steps and load transfer are not performed. It causes waist-hip knee and ankle injuries.

However, when stepping and load transfer are done correctly, such injuries can be prevented. Gait mechanics disorders are conditions that need to be corrected under the supervision of experts. It is determined in special gait analysis laboratories and appropriate treatments are arranged.

Even people who do not have leg inequality, spine curvature, or pelvic problems may have developed their own wrong walking mechanics. It is inevitable that the structures carrying our skeleton with bad walking habits will be exposed to torsions and cause unexpected injuries.

There is a fun side to people with normal body alignment to correct their walking in daily life; "Tango"

Tango literally makes walking phases repeat into our brains. It is an excellent walking exercise that repeats the correct step and load transfer accompanied by music to ensure body axis control.

It is inevitable for tangoers to put the correct walking skates into their daily lives. Stepping during walking, heel strike, sole pushing, thumb push against standing, thumb push-swing occurs automatically. In the meantime, it is possible to attract individuals who use each phase differently, depending on their personality and developmental characteristics, to the timing and load transfer that should be with Tango. During tango, one has to use the correct gait patterns to accompany the music.

Benefits of Tango to the Body

While the oscillations of the body and legs are synchronized with the musical rhythm, the incorrectly used muscles start to work in the correct axes. Underused muscles come to the strength and size they should actually be. The abdominal muscles and the structures extending from the spine to the thigh (spinopelvic-spinofemral) become stronger.

When the pelvic lordosis improves, the center of pain that leads to low back pain begins to approach where it should be. The aesthetic appearance in the postures of the dancers who started to make tango figures over time emerges when they provide the body alignment that should actually be.

Those who are tango dancers and who set their hearts on this path comprehend the importance of exercises such as ballet-plates-squat and lounge in order to correct these ace deficiencies in their bodies and begin to do all the movements that we cannot do for our patients.

As a result, a strong muscular structure, correct alignment and posture mechanics that support the skeletal structure! In this way, healthy individuals who walk in their daily life without falling down with real stepping ...

It is not for nothing that the Chinese government officially sponsored sports such as Tai chi. Dances such as tango should become widespread and people should be encouraged to both socialize and support their physical structure.


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