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Treatment of shoulder impingement

Treatment of impingement syndrome

Before we provide any information on shoulder impingement treatment, let's first answer the question "What is shoulder impingement?

Shoulder impingement (impingement impact syndrome) is a condition that occurs as a result of the narrowing of the space (subacromial space) between the acromioclavicular-bony-ligament complex that surrounds the shoulder rotator muscle group and the joint occurs where the bursa is located and the muscle.

Conditions such as previous innocent shoulder trauma, recurrent shoulder dislocations, subacromial space in people working on their hands; The thickening of the bursa narrows due to osteophyte protrusions developing in the bones, and the inflammation (inflammation) that arises due to injury to the muscular structures in this space is known to compress over the years along with the healing tissue developed.

How do you treat shoulder impingement?

Shoulder compression involves cleaning and flattening the bony prominences under the acromion that narrow the subacromial space (acromiaplasty), removing the thickened muscle-bone pad (bursectomy), and repairing any muscle tears (rotator cuff). Repair).

Medicines such as cortisone should not be administered before or after these procedures.

In which situations is arthroscopy preferred for shoulder impingement syndrome?

Arroscopic decompression is the gold standard for shoulder impingement. In rare cases, open surgery may be considered.

Arthroscopic treatments are at the forefront of modern orthopedic surgery.

How to perform shoulder impingement arthroscopy?

Standard shoulder arthroscopy is performed through a new subacromial portal in addition to entry holes.

After the bursectomy, the bone is leveled and muscle tears are checked. It is standard to penetrate the joint and control the joint structures.

How long does an arthroscopy operation take?

It takes 30-60 minutes.

How is the recovery process after the operation?

Immediate action begins. If there is a rotator muscle tear, the rotator muscle tear protocol is used.

Does it come back after the surgery?

This is not possible, as inflammation that has lasted for decades can lead to a recurrence.

What is the operation fee?

It depends on the patient's budget.

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