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  • Tolgay Şatana

Will There Be A Stem Cell From Fat Cell?

What is Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)?

He knows that the cells obtained after liposuction (lipoaspirate), which is popularly known as a stem cell source, have rejuvenating (regenerative) properties. A cellular product SVF obtained by the isolation of these cells does not only contain fat cells. It is the direct application of the 100 cc fat layer taken from the patient or following the liposuction operation immediately to the patient.

Adipose tissue does not cause tissue rejection in autologous use. In this respect, it is an easily accessible cellular regeneration product. The difference from PRP obtained from blood is that it contains cells that are not yet differentiated from the main cell, but differentiated from the mesenchymal stem cell of the bone marrow cell and capable of transforming into any connective tissue. In this respect, although not as much as stem cells, it contains cells that are more prone to direct transformation into fiborsite in the joint, forming cartilage-like tissue.

It is not possible for SVF cells to turn into phantom cartilage cells. The cartilage cell can only be produced from the main stem cell under laboratory conditions with special stimulants. Such laboratories cannot operate without a government permit, and yet there are very few centers of this nature working on an experimental, legal basis. In this respect, SVF is not a form of stem cell treatment like PRP.

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