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Shoulder Impingement

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Common Elbow Problems

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1. Dull elbow 2. Tennis and Golfer's Elbow (epicondylitis) 3.Cartilage lesions (synovial chondromalasias) Elbow arthroscopy provides the opportunity to intervene in all these problems without the need for open surgery.

What is Plika? Killer of the Knee Joint, Hidden Enemy?

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What is Plika? It is found in the natural structure of the knee, its medical name is "medial plica-meniscofemoral ligament", shortly referred to as plica. It is a structure like a skirt pleat on the inner front of the knee

What is Osteoporosis?

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What is Osteoporosis? Consensus 93: It is a systemic disease characterized by low bone density and insufficiency of microstructures, which increases the fragility and fracture risk in bone tissue. What is Osteoporosis? Definition 2002 (USNIH): It is a skeletal disease

Joint Arthroscopy “Arthroscopy for Joint Health”

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Joint arthroscopy for joint health: Arthroscopy is the process of imaging the inside of the joint with a camera. Using a special camera with a diameter of 1.2-7 mm depending on the size of the joint, the surgeon can diagnose

How Can I Maintain My Joint Health?

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Our joints get stronger and stronger as we move. A balanced diet rich in protein and regular exercises are beneficial. Excessive weight gain should be avoided. On the joint, it can be caused by sprains, reverse loading and weakness of

Recessive Drug Treatment

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Recessive drug therapy in orthopedic surgery is a very important component that complements the treatment during recovery.   We can divide Recessive Drug Treatments into five. 1. Anti-inflammatory Treatment Surgical incisions or skeletal injuries heal with the tissue reaction we

Most Common Problems in the Foot Area

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Our feet are exposed to many traumas while carrying our weight. The heel pain that we see most often in the foot area may be a simple heel fat pad syndrome, or it may cause nerve compression in the ankle

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