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Shoulder Impingement

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TAIL SUMMING (KOKSIDINIA), The biggest problem of patients with pain in this area is not being able to sit. Most describe a seated fall story and believe or be made to believe that the deformities in the X-ray films are

Ankle impingement syndrome

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ONE TIME IN EVERY HUMAN LIFE CAN EXPERIENCE Regardless of the type of injury, cartilage and joint problems can be recovered in a short time without leaving a scar. Sprains can cause injuries at different stages from stretching of the

Common Elbow Problems

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1. Dull elbow 2. Tennis and Golfer's Elbow (epicondylitis) 3.Cartilage lesions (synovial chondromalasias) Elbow arthroscopy provides the opportunity to intervene in all these problems without the need for open surgery.

Shoulder Dislocation Surgery – What is Shoulder Dislocation?

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Dislocations are very common in the shoulder joint, which is the most mobile joint in our body. What is Shoulder Dislocation? How is Shoulder Dislocation Surgery and Treatment Performed? You can find out all about Shoulder Dislocation in this article.

What is Arthroscopy?

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Arthroscopy is the visualization of the joint with an optical device scope. While visualizing the intra-articular structures, they are examined and radiologically invisible cartilage problems and tears of intra-articular structures can be revealed. For example, while peripheral separation of the

Proton Beam Therapy

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Is it Effective in Musculoskeletal Tumors? Used in radiotherapy In malignant and invasive benign skeletal tumors, radiotherapy is applied in addition to chemotherapy before / after surgery. Since sarcoma cells are more sensitive than carcinomatous cells and the majority of

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