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Back Hernia Surgery

Before details about Back Hernia Surgery, let's briefly give information about Back Hernia and its symptoms that cause back pain that is difficult to bear.

What is Back Hernia?

It is the rupture of the wall of the cushions, which we call the disc between the vertebrae in the back region, to herniate outward and put pressure on the nerves.

What are the Symptoms of Back Hernia?

Unlike waist and neck hernia, it causes pain in the chest and upper abdomen, and gives findings that are confused with organ problems such as stomach ulcer-heart attack, masking back pain, and often examined in other branches. If no other cause for heartburn or chest pain can be found, back hernia should be considered.

How Is Back Hernia Diagnosed?

MRI imaging and EMG are very helpful with the corresponding level of nerve sensation loss during physical examination. Especially in patients who have gone to cardiology and gastroenterology and have not found a cause of pain, the history is very important in doctor's examination. During the examination, the hernia is investigated at the level of the relevant segment. Excessive reflexes in the legs, which we call myelopathy, and unbalanced muscle contractions, which we call spasticity, are signs of advanced back hernia. In this case, the pain can spread to the legs; balance defects, gait disturbance may be seen.

What is the Treatment Process for Back Hernia?

Closed endoscopic transforaminal discectomy is applied in case of pain and loss of function affecting daily life. Open surgery can carry risks. Drug therapy - physiotherapy should be initiated in patients diagnosed with back hernia. Surgical treatments can be planned in cases of resistance to treatment.

Among the minimally invasive surgical methods, intradisc laser - radio frequency treatments are beneficial in closed disc hernias. If the fragments come out, endoscopic surgery should be preferred.

At Which Stage Is Back Hernia Surgery Required?

It is planned if the pain affects daily life and requires rest. Surgery should be planned immediately in severe nerve damage such as myelopathy. In case of delay, surgical treatment only eliminates the pain. The healing process may take longer.

What are the Back Hernia Surgery Options - How Is It Done - How Long Does It Take?

Intra-disc laser, radiofrequency, endoscopic transforaminal discectomy, and open surgeries can be performed from minimally invasive surgeries. While open surgery and microscopic discectomy are gradually decreasing, endoscopic transforaminal surgery is a safe and preferred surgical method.

What is the Recovery Process After Back Hernia Surgery?

After endoscopic surgery, the patient stands up 2 hours later on the same day and is discharged the next day. Bone removal for decompression in open surgeries may require screw fixation. In this case, bed rest and return to work may be prolonged.

Will It Recur Again After Surgery?

Back hernia rarely recurs.

How Much is Back Hernia Surgery Fee?

It varies according to the hospital and packages selected according to the patient's budget.

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