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Erosion of the Hip Joint Can Be Prevented by Arthroscopy

Wear of the Hip Joint; The hip joint consists of the thighbone (Femur) and the hip joint socket (Acetabulum) as the largest joint of our skeletal system. In cases where the ball-shaped head of the thigh bone is not fully compatible with the joint socket, the joint wears out rapidly.

Wear of the Hip Joint Can Be Prevented By Arthroscopy!

The original name of this incompatibility hip impingement syndrome = hip joint incompatibility disease (Femoro - acetabular syndrome) is briefly defined as "FAS". This situation, which is frequently encountered in our society, can be missed without the use of advanced examinations and special examinations. Hip pain that begins at ages when joint movement limits are challenged or when development is about to be completed, damages the cartilage due to friction and compression.

FAS can occur in two ways with the simplest classification.

1. Head being of a different size than the nest (Often being big) (CAM): In this case, it causes wear on the parts by forcing the edges of the head joint socket.

2. Increased coating surface of the joint socket or geometrically different axes of the joint head and socket (Pincer = pincer syndrome). This is the most difficult type of hip impingement syndrome to diagnose. For example, the head, which is not completely round, rotates in a spherical slot as if it was held with a pincer at the limit of movement and wears the joint inside.

Pincer and Cam lesions are often observed together.

After the joint socket problem is corrected in arthroscopy, harmonious movement of the head is provided.

In this case, arthroscopic treatment performed in the early period in order to ensure joint harmony can be corrected for the excessive head that is incompatible. The footprint of the joint socket can be reduced. Tears of the edge lips that fix the joint on the joint surface and the joint we call the labrum can be repaired. As the joint surface is compatible and slippery, wear will stop and the pain that occurs during insertion and compression is eliminated immediately..

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