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Physical Therapy Methods - Physiotherapy; It deals with all human movements and the structure of skeletal muscles. It is one of the treatment methods for those who have back, waist and neck pain and those who have spine problems.

We collect our physical therapy methods under 4 main headings.


1. Range of Motion exercises (ROM exercises)

It is very important to regain range of motion after orthopedic treatments or joint surgery. Movements that were previously supported passively turn into active and resistant exercises over time. It is very important that this treatment is regular and permanent in the presence of a physiotherapist. Otherwise, permanent disabilities and limitation of movement may develop.

2. Muscle Strength and Balance:

Even if the joint range of motion is full, it is very important that the muscle strength that creates the movement is at a certain level. Muscle atrophy and weakness after orthopedic treatment negatively affect the return to daily life. We practice this type of exercises gradually by following certain programs in the company of a physiotherapist.

3. Walking Exercises

Gait disorders can occur for a variety of reasons. It is applied when normal walking is required after orthopedic knee disorders or treatments. Gait analysis is a special test that makes it easier for us to find the cause of gait disturbances and treat them.

4. Return to Sports and Athlete Support Exercises

Although joint width is provided after orthopedic treatment, it is not enough for athletes to bring muscle strength to daily life level. Special training programs are implemented for returning to sports in the company of a physical therapy-sport physician and physiotherapist.

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