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  • Tolgay Şatana

What is Failed Low Back Surgery Syndrome? How Is It Treated?

Failed Low Back Surgery Syndrome is generally omitted or neglected foraminal strictures. Correct diagnosis, correct surgical indication, good surgical technique and equipment are very important in order to minimize the occurrence of this syndrome.

What is Failed Low Back Surgery Syndrome?

The fact that the back problem has not been resolved even though it has been treated with revision surgery at least once, the conservative treatments for at least 6 months are insufficient or the patient is not satisfied.

What are the Symptoms of Failed Low Back Surgery Syndrome?

The recurrence of the previous complaints of the patient, does not decrease or increase at all.

How Is It Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of Failed Low Back Surgery is a multidisciplinary decision. Evaluating all the pre-treatment examinations of the patient together with the physicians who treat other disciplines makes it easier to reach the correct diagnosis. Patient compliance is required. In order to find the source of pain, the target should be determined well with temporary injection treatments.

How Is It Treated?

If it is thought that the problem in the treatment is caused by the methods used in the old treatment, for example, if there is an infection and implant failure, this situation should be resolved first. It is possible to remove or renew the implant. It is appropriate to avoid a new open surgery in the minimally invasive approach. Often omitted or neglected foramen nerve compression is emphasized. After determining the target and level, the cause of pain is removed with foraminoscopy.

How Long Does Endoscopic Surgery Take?

Endoscopic surgery can take 1-2 hours. Although the optimal time is 30-45 minutes, it increases the time to differentiate the nerve tissues due to the intervention of the anatomy deformed tissues.

What is the Recovery Process After the Surgery?

In the procedures performed under local anesthesia, we confirm that the pain has passed on the operating table. The patient can get off the table without pain. However, under general anesthesia, we remove the patients after eating 4 hours after the effect of anesthesia is over. The painful process can mimic the old in the inflammatory phase after 72 hours. Similar pain occurs in the first ten days, but gradually decreases. When the exercises are started 3 weeks after the operation, new pain may develop.

Due to the pain, coping with neuropathic symptoms or even psychological support may be required. Mesotherapy-acupuncture helps the physical therapy process. Although this situation is not seen in some patients, both patient groups start to work to regain their belief in the treatment in a few months.

Patients should be returned to normal life within 6 months. The problem is completely resolved in the following months and 2 years.

How Much is the Surgery Fee?

It is determined according to the hospital and patient budget.

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