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I Got A Tennis Elbow Why Hasn't It Was Removed With The Treatment For Months?

I've been tennis elbow!; The lateral epicondyle is the bone protrusion to which the forearm muscles collectively adhere to the tennis elbow. It can be damaged in daily life with forceful movements such as heavy lifting and pushing. Injury can cause muscle level tears, tendon level separation and rupture. Recovery is homogeneous at this level and chronicity is rare.

Tendon is a fragile structure with an intermediate fibrous structure in favor of neither tendon nor bone healing in injuries at the junction of the bone. This structure tears and heals again and again even with simple loads. This growing healing tissue is now the main cause of pain and can only be removed by surgery.

I Became a Tennis Elbow!

This discomfort mechanism is the skeletal problem called "enthesopathy" that occurs in all bone tendon junctions. It is possible to eliminate tennis elbow enthesopathy by surgery. Previously, in open surgery, the trauma created to reach the region created a new healing tissue, and the tendon was cut instead of the repair.

This situation would cause loss of function and weakness. Today, with elbow arthroscopy, we can directly reach and remove the scar tissue without cutting any muscle. With elbow arthroscopy, the treatment-resistant tennis elbow is eliminated. It does not require a plaster cast and the pain will disappear in a short time.

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