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Knee Replacement Surgery

What are Knee Replacement Surgeries?

Knee Replacement Surgery,In short, it is the modification of the joint surface. Prosthesis is the material that replaces lost joint surfaces.

It can be applied to people who have completely lost the joint surface, have painful joints (knee pain), and whose movements are restricted to a certain level. If the movement is too restricted, it cannot be applied. There is no age limit, it can be applied to anyone with these complaints.

Surgery can be performed on patients with knee pain regardless of age and weight. Losing weight reduces the load on the joints, and in this case, the life of the prosthesis is also prolonged.

If the joint has completely lost its function, knee replacement surgeries (resurfacing surgeries) are one of the important operations we have.

How long is the Knee Replacement Surgery?

The duration of a joint surgery is approximately one hour. Two joint surgeries can be performed at the same time. Two knee surgeries can be performed in one and a half to two hours. Anesthesia is applied depending on the patient's preference.

How long is the recovery period after Knee Replacement Surgery?

Minimally invasive surgeries are an important factor in increasing the healing process and causing less damage. The surgery is performed at the muscle joints, the areas we call cleavage. Surgeries performed in this way provide faster recovery.

The patient will be able to stand up and press the next day. Since the healing process is very fast, the patient can feel better and return to his normal life in 1 week, more painlessly.

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