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Neck Hernia Surgery

What is the Treatment Process for Neck Hernia?

In the treatment of hernia, the patient's complaints usually disappear with rest, medication and physiotherapy. First of all, rest and medication is given. Prolonged bed rest, recurrent pain injections into the disc, laser / radio frequency / plasma disc ablation treatment can be applied in closed-contained hernias.

Applications such as pain treatment and mesotherapy can be applied in chronic pain that has become a vicious circle. If all these treatments fail, surgery is planned.

At Which Stage Is Surgery Required For Cervical Hernia?

Surgical treatment is planned in cases of recurrent neck pain, the need for rest affecting daily life, numbness that does not decrease with treatment, pain and loss of strength, sudden complete loss of strength and paralysis.

What Are The Options Of Cervical Hernia Surgery - How Is It Done - How Long Does It Take?

Open surgery can be applied from the anterior and posterior. Open surgical options can be simple disc removal, removal of the entire disc and replacing it with a prosthesis or freezing that segment (fusion).

Minimally invasive surgical options include closed endoscopic surgeries as well as laser - radio frequency applications applied into the disc. Disc tip applications can be done if the wall is intact (contained disc), endoscopic discectomy can be applied from the anterior or posterior.

The surgery performed from the back is less invasive than the minimally invasive surgery, and the disc is reached by opening a small hole in the bone.

In the anterior endoscopic surgery, the disc fragment is directly reached and removed, and no tissue is damaged. Neck hernia surgery takes an average of 45-60 minutes. takes.

What is the Recovery Process After Cervical Hernia Surgery?

If the type of surgery is minimally invasive, our patient is immediately mobilized and no neck collar is given. Returning to daily life is very fast. Depending on the type of open surgery, the duration of the neck brace, mobilization and return to work criteria vary.

Will It Recur Again After Surgery?

When the disc tissue is removed in surgeries such as fusion and prosthesis, the repetition of the complaints is not a recurrence of the hernia. Since the disc is protected in closed surgeries, re-herniation may only be possible in cases where the doctor's recommendations are not followed.

How Much Does Neck Hernia Surgery Cost?

It varies according to the hospital and packages selected according to the patient's budget.

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