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Tail Summing (Koksidinia)

The biggest problem of patients with pain in this area is not being able to sit. Most describe a seated fall story and believe or be made to believe that the deformities in the X-ray films are the cause of the pain. In fact, fractures of the coccyx can heal without sequelae like other fractures and rarely require surgical intervention for angular knee disorders.

In this case, it is very useful to investigate hernias in the lumbar region of the patient and to reveal the nerve traps. In our clinical experience, we have determined that the pain felt around the coccyx is mostly due to herniated disc or canal stenosis, and we have achieved successful results by continuing our treatments in that direction.

After eliminating the causes directly originating from the coccyx (tumor, infection, fractures), the pain that will be reflected in this area should be investigated. If the dry socket pain is not caused by herniated disc, the source is much more serious.

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