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Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery

Before giving information about Wrist Arthroscopy Treatment, let's answer the question "What is Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery".

It is an endoscopic examination of the wrist. Intra-articular ligament structures are the gold standard for imaging problems such as Triangular cartilage, which are very difficult to visualize and diagnose on MRI. It has become indispensable with increasingly widespread special equipment.

In Which Situations Is Wrist Arthroscopy Preferred?

It is preferred in all arthroscopic thinning in ligament repairs, from the removal of wrist ganglion cysts to the reduction and fixation of intra-articular cartilages.

It is even effective in repairing intra-capsular ligaments, which are considered unmanned areas in open surgery, such as scapholunate instability. Triangular fibrocartilage problems are the gold standard in ruptured abutment syndrome

How Long Does Arthroscopy Surgery Take?

The operation is completed in approximately 30-60 minutes.

What Should the Patient Do Before Wrist Arthroscopy?

All necessary information is given to the patient before the operation.

What is the Recovery Process After the Surgery?

Joint movement is given immediately, splint fixation can be done for 3-6 weeks, depending on intra-articular repair situations.

Will It Repeat After Surgery?

Treatments and recovery will not recur after completion unless there is new trauma.

How Much is the Surgery Fee?

It is arranged according to the patient's budget.

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