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  • Tolgay Şatana

Multidisciplinary Treatment for Low Back Pain

Multidisciplinary Approach and Treatment in Low Back Pain

  • Physiotheraphy

  • Neurology

    • Physiotherapy

  • Algology

    • Spine surgery

It is possible with the cooperation of physicians working in their branches. Progressive (algorithmic) treatment principles require anti-inflammatory therapy in primary care and bed rest not exceeding 3 days. In resistant and chronic cases, algologists apply block-pain treatments, physical therapists apply physical therapies. All treatments are supported by muscle strength-posture discipline-ergonomic measures with the support of physiotherapists. Surgical compression of neural structures is the last step of choice in recurrent resistant cases of osteoarthritis due to significant loss of disc height. As open surgery indications:

  • Cauda equina syndrome

  • Progressive neurological deficit

  • Failure of conservative treatment

  • Paresthesias that are not obvious but affect life

  • Pain with attacks and requiring rest more than three times a year

countable. The indication for minimally invasive (closed endoscopic) surgeries differs at this stage. Prominent neurological deficit, cauda equina may be a contraindication. Endoscopic surgery has a place in cases requiring bed rest more than three times a year, but without an absolute surgical indication. PAIN, which reduces the quality of life and does not respond to conservative treatment, is NOT THE FATE OF THIS POPULATION. It is a treatment that is purely aimed at improving the quality of life.

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